Does the thought of tackling your technology needs leave you feeling confused or in over your head?

Are you lost in a sea of overwhelming and constantly changing options?  Or maybe, you’re simply too busy. We will  untangle your needs, focus on your hardware and software options, and save you money in the process.

Our goal is to walk you through all the available technology you rely on for your home and business. Not only will we show you how, we will take care of it all and you can simply enjoy technology, not fight it.

ELM Tech is a Santa Fe, New Mexico tech business providing personalized service and technology implementation, installation, and training to small business.

We achieve an excellent customer experience by providing access and training to technology in such a way that it can be easily understood and used. We take on the role of maintaining computers and internet compatible devices so that the customer simply uses the device without the hassle of day-to-day routine maintenance.

We will provide services similar to other computer IT firms, but with a focus on individuals working from home and small businesses that wish to have a more exclusive relationship with their technology and are willing to invest in exclusive access to a technology expert. This is accomplished by maintaining a subscription, contract, or larger single project that will be limited to a specific number of clients. This will allow all members to obtain quick and efficient support.

Services will be performed on a project or contract basis. Project jobs that have a definitive beginning and end such as installing a data network in an office. That project will be complete when the network is fully operational. A subscription or contract would be available to maintain the network after project completion.