Video Surveillance for Small Business and Home

Not all threats are the cyber kind. Ask how ELM Tech can equip your business with a surveillance camera network. We’ll design a system for you that’s cost effective, easy to operate and helps deter crime. Nothing is more important than your assets and your employees. With a ELM Tech surveillance system, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with round the clock security.

ELM Tech can install, configure, and maintain a reliable and affordable video surveillance system in your home or business. Solutions can be wired or wireless based upon your needs, business layout and infrastructure, and the current state of your data network.

We deploy state of the art IP based camera systems that can record all activity or just motion events. We typically recommend and install an onsite NVR (Network Video Recorder) that can hold weeks worth of video recordings. View live streaming and recordings direct from your mobile phone. Cloud based recording is available and can be implemented with or without the onsite device.