We assist in selecting the most appropriate products, find the best prices, install the hardware and software, offer tech support and training.  We will provide tech support (not repair) for most hardware and software. Our firm’s internal motto is “personalized service to meet all your technology needs.”

Generally, our policy is that if a device has an IP address then we will work with it and support it especially if we set it up or install it. This is not a hard and fast rule, but normally that falls under our scope of business.

Some items, like home automation devices or audio equipment, may not have an IP address, but we will likely still work with those items.

Here is a sample of services and product support we offer clients:

  • WiFi network upgrades to reach all the corners of your home (Whole home wifi is OUR SPECIALITY)
  • Surveillance and home monitoring systems including cameras and alert devices
  • Google Home or Amazon Echo(Alexa) installation, automation, and training
  • Smart Home implementation – convert your current home or consult on a new build
  • Data wiring in home or small business
  • Small Business Managed Services (Monitoring and Maintenance)
  • Automated Data backup and data recovery services
  • Domain name management and renewal services
  • In home media servers and data storage
  • Smartphone and tablet support
  • Set up and maintenance of computers, laptops, tablets, printers, and networks
  • Home office design and setup
  • Software installation and training (limited to mainstream items or specific industry software)
  • Additional computer monitors
  • HDTVs and DVRs
  • Media streaming solutions like Amazon FireTV, Roku, Chromecast, Netflix, & Apple TV
  • Alternatives to expensive cable TV services
  • Audio/video entertainment control systems
  • Home phone systems (VoIP)
  • Website and blog – set up and training
  • Business workflow design


Contact us if you need help, feel tangled up by technology, or simply don’t have the time to do it yourself.  Our rates are reasonable and in line with the industry as a whole. We can also provide you with options for ongoing tech support by email, phone, or in person.

Note: We love being your “go to” tech resource, there there are a few things we don’t do:

  • Computer repair – While we are 100% capable of this task, and have done it countless times, our business model does not include this service. We are happy to help you through a warranty claim or recommend another repair option. Why do we do this? Our time is best spent with you and making technology work for you, not just work. In the past we found that in order to do computer repair we have to maintain a certain level of inventory and ever changing parts on hand. For this reason, if we determine that your computer equipment is not capable of it’s task or the one we are about to make it do, we will provide advice and consultation on acquiring new (or at least more capable) equipment for the task at hand. If you are not able to take on that expense now we understand. We will be happy to direct you to a computer repair and upgrade firm that can help when you are ready.
  • Continuous A la Carte services – We are a bit different…we want to be friends! Our primary model is subscription or project based services. Our experience has led us to change from the normal “break/fix” standards and we want to be available when you need us. If we continuously provide “break/fix” and A la Carte services then it ties us up and makes us unavailable for the those that truly depend on us and stand behind it by paying a subscription fee or agree to an entire project.
  • Automotive – We will definitely help you get your Bluetooth phone hooked up and walk you through adding a USB drive to your advanced music system, but we don’t install antennas or anything that would require drilling through panels, roofs, or plastic interior pieces. We don’t install automotive audio components, boosters, or items requiring hard wiring to the automobiles electrical system. There are many people fully qualified to help with this type of installation and we’d be happy to help find them.