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ELMTECH is in love with tech and Santa Fe!

We seek out solutions and answers for all of your technology needs. We don’t make recommendations without having personally tested or thoroughly researching each device. 

Do we have the experience? The following is from a press release
from 2014 (slightly modified for this website and to help with readability.)

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A decade ago native Santa Fean Eric Montgomery started Capitol Computer, then under the name 180Networks. Eric recalls, “I’d end up with several computers collected throughout the day all lined up on my kitchen counter. I’d work on them overnight and deliver them in the morning.”

Much has changed since the kitchen counter IT days. The original business, 180 Networks, was combined with Eric’s secondary IT business, Capitol Computer of Santa Fe, and had a base of over 300 active (over 850+ people serviced in all the business years) residential and small business clients in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the surrounding communities. Network setup, maintenance and remote monitoring were the mainstays in addition to its original offering of PC and Apple repairs.
In December of 2012, after a decade of dedicated service, Capitol Computer of Santa Fe opened its downtown store at 518 Old Santa Fe Trail. It was a chance meeting with Lorraine Krenc, a marketing director and recent transplant to the City Different, who convinced Montgomery to make the shift. The two merged talents and created a store front offering in-shop, flat-rate service along with retail sales and computer consulting.”
“Having a tech come to your home could be intimidating,” says Montgomery. “Depending on the problem, the billable hours added up. The approach was out-of-reach to many people. Now we promise a guaranteed flat rate for a task at hand.”

Some of their largest business accounts were attracted by the remote monitoring and maintenance plans, while typical residential clients, or those businesses with only a few employees, enjoyed the flat-rate service offerings by coming to the storefront location. They liked what Eric and his technical staff did, and used Capitol Computer for their residential and business technical needs. “There are so many small companies here that can’t afford an IT staff,” says Krenc. “We fill the gap. We cover the tech and they cover what they do best in their business.”

“We’ve learned a lot in the last 10 years,” says Montgomery, “and it’s been a fun ride to evolve as technology has changed. We work on a lot of tablets, iPads, and the newer technology these days, but also continue to support all of the systems that drive Santa Fe businesses.”

Running a successful small business is a source of pride for Montgomery, but growth brings its own challenges. “There are days this business feels unstoppable, and I’m essentially an IT Tech,” says the 42-year-old. “It’s ready to move on to the next level, and that takes a different kind of talent.”

Capitol Computer of Santa Fe was put on the market for sale and sold in December of 2014.

“This is the type of IT firm that makes sense in today’s market,” says Michael Greene, president of Sam Goldenberg & Associate. “It’s currently a great fit for the local market place with a proven model. With its solid profit margins and remote tech support services, however, it could expand to be a regional provider. It could either be a highly technically skilled individual or someone with a strong business and management background.”

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The following is now found on the existing Capitol Computer and Network Solutions website (cc&

"Located in the heart of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Capitol Computer of Santa Fe was founded by Santa Fe native Eric Montgomery, as 180 Networks LLC in 2004. Eric initially worked out of his home and visited local residents and businesses to help them with their computer and networking needs. 180 Networks grew steadily over the years and eventually Eric saw the need for a bricks-and-mortar shop where people could bring their computers for repair. Thus was born Capitol Computer of Santa Fe in 2012. Both 180 Networks and Capitol Computer of Santa Fe continued to grow based on personal and customized service delivered by highly trained technicians. In 2014, Stephen Resnick purchased both businesses and combined them into Capitol Computer and Network Solutions (CC&NS). "

Why ELMTECH? The business is owned and operated by Eric and Lorraine Montgomery.
The initials “ELM” made the name ELM Tech an easy choice!

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